Greater Options for the Perfect Diabetes Checking

If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, that is a shock, but soon you have to think about how to treat the diabetes. This includes a change in many habits that could make it even worse. But that is no reason to panic, because diabetes is a very common disease and there are many people who can live with it without any problems. This also means that there are always contacts with sufficient information if you have questions about the treatment of diabetes.

In order to properly start the treatment of diabetes, one must first determine what stage it is in. In the initial stage, the disease is still “reversible” by lowering the blood sugar levels permanently, but in the advanced stage, there are no more functional islet cells in the pancreas and thus no chance of recovery. Here, however, efforts are made to ensure that the disease does not progress further and the consequential damage is reduced. When it comes to the question How to treat diabetes then the option comes perfectly.

The right Theraphy

The therapy is based on three pillars: diet change, medication and exercise. There are extensive counseling sessions where diabetics learn what they eat and what they are not allowed to eat because it’s about more than just sugar reduction. What can also be very supportive for diabetics, the diary is lead. Many diabetics work with the so-called bread unit, which states how many carbohydrates are present in their food. The attending physician determines the correct bread unit by taking into account the weight, the level of activity, and the purpose of the treatment. In an advanced stage of diabetes, drugs that stimulate insulin production and induce satiety in the patient are also administered. In severe cases, insulin must also be injected. Furthermore, the movement is an important part of the therapy, because it has a positive effect on the health of the patient together with the diet. There are special groups of diabetics who together organize sports activities where they can work out the right training program with professional sports scientists.

The treatment depends on the type of diabetes that is present:

Type 1 diabetes: Since insulin deficiency is the cause of type 1 diabetes, this form of metabolic disease can only be treated with insulin.

Type 2 diabetes: The basis of treatment are diet change, normalization of body weight and regular exercise. If the insulin deficiency increases later, insulin is also given here. New are active ingredients that use the GLP-1 system or specifically increase the excretion of sugar through the urine.

Secondary Diabetes: The first step is to treat the causative disorder. If the primary disease can be treated well, the diabetes also heals itself in many cases.

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