Physical Therapy: Helping you Stay Fit and Active

Undertaking physical therapy training is an ideal way to help you relieve aches and pains and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and at Intecore Physical Therapy they have an excellent range of programmes on offer that have been specially developed by professional physical therapists to help their clients in California enjoy life without being restricted by pain.

With a fully qualified team that have all the skills required to diagnose and help address any problems you can be sure that at Intecore Physical Therapy they will be able to give you all the advice and support you need to reach your goals and reduce you pain you experience.

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If you, like many others have visited your doctor regarding issues such as tightness, stiffness, reduced mobility or pain and have been told that it’s an inevitable part of ageing or recovery from and injury and that nothing further can be done then considering the benefits of undertaking a programme of physical therapy might be a good idea.

Many doctors will treat these kinds of problems by prescribing pain killers or offering invasive medical procedures that may not have been required if the problem had been addressed sooner, this is because issues such as back pain or knee pain don’t necessarily have a medical cure but with the right intervention from a physical therapist can still be improved or in many cases solved.

The majority of pain in joints and muscles is because of weakness or tightness within certain areas of the body caused by ageing, lifestyle habits or injury. At Intecore Physical Therapy they understand how the different parts of the body work together to provide support, balance and flexibility and how they can cause pain if one area has weakness or lack of movement. By addressing key areas with massage, exercise and other treatments they are able to help improve strength and reduce tightness where it is required to help reduce pain, after following an personalised programme for a while most people are very happy with the results they achieve and report a noticeable reduction in the pain they experience.

At Intecore Physical Therapy they aim to help every client reach their goal to reduce their pain and improve their quality of life so they treat every single patient they see as an individual. Initially they will assess the problem and make a diagnosis of which areas need to be addressed, then they will help you to create your own individual Physical Therapy Program based on your key issues and capabilities. With your programme including a range of activities such as fitness training, stretches, exercise and massage you will be able to target the areas that need a little extra care to help reduce the pain you are feeling.

With the emphasis on self-help and putting in the work you need to do to get the results you want at Intecore Physical Therapy they will also give you all the education and advice you need to ensure that you reduce the chances of the pain securing in the future, they will be able to give you information about lifestyle habits, future exercise and a range of other subjects to help you continue to enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come.

So, if you are fed up with living with constant pain, especially in your back or your knees why not consider getting in touch with Intecore to find out more about what Physical Therapy could do to help you?